I am a native English-speaker, living in the UK, and have been editing and proofreading for the past 15 years. I specialise in editing and refining texts written by non-native authors in order to ensure that they are clear, coherent and flow well.

I also localise texts written in other variants of English, e.g. American-English, to ensure that they are suitable for publication in the UK.

I have a BA Hons in History from the University of Hertfordshire (UK) and have edited many doctoral theses and books on historical topics. All areas of history fascinate me and I have extensive knowledge of this subject.

In the past I’ve worked in various roles in the hospitality industry and in further and higher education (in support roles). I also have a wide-ranging set of hobbies, from volunteering with young people to veteran cars. I am currently learning German at evening classes for pleasure. All of these interests and more inform my work. However, as long as the text is not of a legal, technical or medical nature, I am happy to work in most subject areas. I always research any new subject to ensure that I understand the specific terms that may be used.

I am a full member of Proz.com, the translators’ website.