Dr Klarijn Anderson-Loven, Director of Polaris Global Solutions Ltd., UK

‘I have been using Vicky for more than five years now – sometimes on a monthly basis, but very often on a weekly or even daily basis – and I cannot praise her services highly enough. As well as being a good communicator, Vicky is punctual, precise, knowledgeable, fast, and very reliable. It is a pleasure working with her and I find her services invaluable! I use Vicky for checking all sorts of texts, ranging from flyers, to articles to entire Ph.D. theses and I’m always impressed with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend using Vicky’s services.’

LMI Translation Ltd., Latvia

‘Great quality, excellent turn-around speed and all-round pleasure to work with. Thank you, Vicky.’

Journal editor, Brussels

‘First of all, thanks for all your work over the last couple of days. The authors have mentioned to me several times how grateful they are for your thorough work.’

Glyph Language Services, USA

‘Being a UK native, Ms. Nash has been a great resource for us in providing outstanding translation and consulting services for this market. Thank you, Vicky!’